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The Chichester Harbour Trust now holds 15 sites and over 375 acres in total, through a combination of direct ownership and long leases. Some of our land is managed through agreements with Chichester Harbour Conservancy, or leased directly to tenants who look after the land on our behalf, delivering our objectives of permanently protecting the land.

Apuldram Meadow

This 15-acre meadow joining the shore of the Fishbourne Channel has been owned by the Trust since 2009. Wild flowers thrive around the network of fresh-water ditches. The meadow is crossed by two public footpaths at the western end, nearest the shore. It is grazed by a local farmer.

Chidmere Pond, Chidham

The freehold of this beautiful 4.5-acre lake has been in Trust ownership since 2005. The area is leased to the owners of the nearby Chidmere House and provides a valuable haven for wildfowl.

The Dell, Chidham

We have held a 125-year lease on this small woodland from Chichester District Council since 2005. The mixture of grassland, woodland and scrub provides a wonderful habitat for birds and insects. Chichester Harbour Conservancy created an outdoor classroom area in 2018 which is now enjoyed by children from Chidham School.

Eames Farm, Thorney Island

This 170-acre farm is our biggest and most important site. A large area of coastal grazing marsh, wetland and reedbed, it provides vital habitat for a wide range of migrating waders and wildfowl, and many rare plant and insect species. The converted Stables building provides a wonderful space for meetings and events and is available to hire through the Conservancy. The farm is managed through a tenancy with an organic farmer and is in an environmental stewardship scheme.

Ellanore Spit

We hold a 999-year lease on this unique acre of saltmarsh and shingle at Ellanore. Each winter, up to 6,000 waders use the spit as a high tide roost.  During the summer, the northern area of the spit is fenced to protect nesting seabirds.

Fishbourne Meadow

This wet grassland is held in a 10-year lease from West Sussex County Council and supports a wide range of wild flowers, including the Southern Marsh Orchid. The stream banks provide a home for a thriving Water Vole population. The Meadow is managed by Chichester Harbour Conservancy, and is grazed by cattle during the summer months.

Itchenor Field, Wittering Road

In 2017 we completed the purchase of 3.5 acres of grazing land at Itchenor on behalf of the local community, to protect it permanently from inappropriate use. The land is now grazed by horses.

Itchenor Meadow

This small meadow lies adjacent to the Salterns Way cycle route, behind the Itchenor Memorial Hall. Fruit trees have been planted to attract a wide range of insects.

Maybush Copse, Chidham

This flagship community project has created an 8-acre woodland for local people from a once-derelict site. The Trust purchased the land in 2009, and it is now managed by the Conservancy and Maybush Copse Friends for the enjoyment of the local community. 


Marina Farm

This 2.5-acre brownfield site near Emsworth was purchased by the Trust in December 2022. A restoration project is underway to return the land to nature, for the benefit of wildlife and local people.

Oyster Quay, Warblington

This historic quay at Pook Lane, Warblington, was purchased in 2018. We hope to commission research to find out more about its local historic importance.

Prinsted Field, Southbourne

The Trust purchased this 25-acre field at Prinsted in 2018, with support from the local community, parish council, Garfield Weston Foundation and Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust. The field will remain in arable use under a tenancy with a local farmer.

Sandy Point Lagoon, Hayling Island

This beautiful 18-acre tidal lagoon lies behind Hayling Island Sailing Club and is a fantastic feeding ground for migrating and overwintering birds.

Seaview Road, Hayling Island

We have held this small plot at south Hayling since 2009 and it is leased to a neighbouring property. We also own the mudland that joins it.

Land at Tournerbury Farm

The Trust acquired the freehold of 100 acres of unique coastal grazing marsh on Hayling Island in 2022. We will continue to work with the tenant farmer to keep the land in good environmental stewardship for migrating birds and other wildlife.

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